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Air Conditioning Problems?

We offer a comprehensive range of air conditioning services including fault diagnosis and system regassing. Contact us today for free advise and a comprehensive estimate.

Why do I need my air conditioning system checked?

When an air conditioning system is not used for a period of time or left unserviced, the combination of condensation, which is present within the system and the warmth generated from the engine produces a perfect environment for bacteria and fungi to grow. This reaction results in unhealthy and unpleasant odours which can cause sore throats and allergic reactions.

Additionally over a period of time the refrigerant gas used within the air conditioning system can escape, which can cause the system to be inefficient and increase fuel consumption (due to the systems compressor needing to work harder to compensate).

The refrigerant gas within the system carries out two functions: 1) To cool the air that enters the vehicle’s cabin area 2) To circulate the oil, used to lubricate the compressor and seals by suspending it within the refrigerant gas.

We recommend that both these parts of the air conditioning system are checked annually.

What does my Pollen Filter do?

The pollen filter is designed to protect you from airborne particles, such as pollen, dust, fungus, spores and pollutants which enter the vehicle’s cabin space via the ventilation or air conditioning intakes. However it must be replaced regularly as it is reported that a dirty pollen filter can actually make the air inside your car up to six times dirtier than outside!

Although they are compact in design, the pollen filter element has a surface area of several thousand square metres. The surface layer is electrostatically charged, which when combined with the filter, results in an element which captures tiny particles reducing the airborne contaminates breathed in. We recommend that the pollen filter should be replaced annually.

What to do next?

We are able to offer two levels of service, depending on whether you just want to cleanse your air conditioning system or require a full air conditioning service. Both services available are shown opposite. For pricing or to make a booking please call.

Our two levels of service are:

Air Conditioning Antibacterial Treatment includes:

The Antibacterial treatment rids the air conditioning system of unpleasant odours and bacteria growth. This is achieved by carrying out a simple operation to purge the system using an airborne treatment. It takes around 25 minutes and can be carried out while you wait.

Level 1 Air Conditioning Service includes:

  • Check operation of heater controls
  • Check internal blower speeds
  • Check pollen filter for condition (if applicable)
  • Check evaporator drain
  • Check condition and tension of drive belt
  • Carry out air conditioning treatment (6 month guarantee)

Level 2 Air Conditioning Service includes:

This service includes all of the above checks and actions together with the following items:

  • Check, drain and renew refrigerant gas
  • Check temperature of refrigerated air in cabin area
  • Check system hoses, joints and components.
  • Check cooling fan operation
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