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How To Pair Your Phone To SYNC 3 & Receive Live Traffic News

Want live traffic updates to avoid the gridlock, hold-ups and queues? Watch this short video to discover how easy it is to connect your phone with SYNC 3 to deliver Live Traffic news and updates on the FordPass App.

The Live Traffic system intuitively pairs with the vehicle’s SatNav system via SYNC 3 to deliver real-time service updates every few seconds, giving the best calculated journey times possible. Whilst other drivers sit in traffic or crawl through roadworks, FordPass will ensure you arrive more quickly at your destination.

  • Once you’ve downloaded the FordPass App, select “Live Traffic”
  • Your phone data will then download Live Traffic news
  • First enable Live Traffic
  • SYNC 3 and FordPass are now linked and Live Traffic is active
  • For your safety the phone screen will lock when connected to SYNC 3 with Applink.

Depending on your device, you’ll need to connect to SYNC 3 via a USB cable for iOS handsets and Bluetooth for Android handsets.