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How To Refill Your AdBlue

AdBlue is a diesel exhaust additive designed to remove pollution. Watch the video to find out more.

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue® is a urea/water-based fluid that converts NOx emissions in the exhaust gas into nitrogen and water. A particulate filter then reduces more than 99% of emitted solid particulates from your vehicle’s exhaust. To operate correctly, the AdBlue® tank of your Ford EcoBlue diesel engine must be filled with AdBlue® fluid and it’s important to keep the tank filled up. That’s why system warnings illuminate when the fluid level becomes too low. In this video you can find out more about this innovative yet simple additive which is suitable for many Ford diesel powered vehicles.

What is AdBlue used for?

• It’s designed to remove pollution and it’s available on a wide range of Ford vehicles.

TOP TIP: AdBlue is suitable for selected models including Transit, Focus, Mondeo, Galaxy, S-MAX and Edge vehicles. You can find more about AdBlue here https://www.ford.co.uk/shop/research/…. • This urea/water-based fluid reduces engine emissions, so your vehicle meets current and future regulations.

• You can check the level via the trip computer.

• When the fluid’s low, you’ll see a warning light/symbol on the dashboard. TOP TIP: Later models the use the ISO 7000 standard symbol.

• Whichever symbol you see, please don’t ignore it, because if the AdBlue tank is empty, the engine won’t restart.

• Refilling your vehicle with AdBlue is easy. Where to buy AdBlue from?

• You can buy the fluid at your nearest Ford Dealer and It comes in a variety of sizes.

• Every container has a hose to avoid spills.

• To top up the tank, first remove the filler cap.

• On some vehicles you’ll see Min and Max quantities so you can choose the right size of container to buy.

• Next, fix the hose to the container.

• And use the hose to pour in the fluid.

• Pour in the fluid until the tank is full.

• Then replace and secure the filler cap.

TOP TIP: On some vehicles the AdBlue Level ‘OK’ has been replaced by ‘AdBlue Range in Km’s’ Make sure there’s no fluid in the hose, then disconnect it and store it back into the container.

TOP TIP: If you accidentally spill fluid onto your vehicle’s paintwork, it could damage it. So make sure you clean it off immediately with soap and water. And always read the container label before use.

• Two important things to remember:

1. Never add AdBlue to the diesel tank.

2. Never add any other fluid to the AdBlue tank. Always make sure that your AdBlue tank is free from contamination. That’s all you need to know about AdBlue. But if there’s anything you’re not sure about, you can always refer to your Owner’s Manual, or simply give us a call.