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How to use AppLink on SYNC 3

With AppLink, on Sync 3, it’s easy to open and control compatible smartphone apps with your voice. Here’s how:

First: Make sure the ignition’s switched on… the car in is neutral, and the handbrake’s on.


1. Make sure Bluetooth® is on

2. Your smartphone is paired and connected to Sync 3. Any apps you want to access are downloaded onto the device.


You can connect your phone via Bluetooth® However, some devices will require a USB connection.

Select the app you want on the touchscreen.

You’ll be asked if you want to enable mobile apps and accept the data usage. Charges may apply.

Press ‘Yes’ and your app will open.

You can also select an app by pressing ‘Voice Control’ and saying the name of the app. For example, “Ford Pass”.

Once connected, use voice commands to control the app’s features.

To stop your app, just press ‘Voice Control’ again and say, “Close Ford Pass”.


If SYNC 3 doesn’t recognise an app, try closing and restarting the application.

With most phones, apps should appear once restarted.

For Android, press ‘Connect Mobile Apps’, or use the voice command ‘Find applications’.

Not sure how to use AppLink? Press ‘Voice Control’ and say, ‘Mobile applications help’.


Check our online app catalogue on your local Ford website Download AppLink enabled apps via our mobile app catalogue.